Friday, June 19, 2009

TenGrandIsBuriedThere and Crop Cricles

I've always wondered if I had a part in spawning the firefox crop circle.

I posted to back in 2004.

Amusing thought - Crop Circles
Posted by CloCkWeRX on Fri, 10/22/2004 - 16:42Firefox Marketing Ideas

:) Speaks for itself. Ties into the Nov. 9. mystery and ILoveBees ideas.

"Something is coming.
Something big.
Something alien to most of us...
Something that's from out of this world..."

First off, you need a field. Second, you need a manual. Third, you need a worried farmer.

Come 2006, they made the crop circle.

They give credit to some Mozilla folk.

Matt and John, Mozilla video interns, came up with the idea a few weeks beforehand. Fueled by the enthusiasm of Asa Dotzler at Mozilla, suddenly the crop circle was within reach. While at OSCON 2006 in Portland, the three of them ran into members of the OSLUG, and things really started to take shape.

Whoever really generated the idea, it gives me no end of pleasure that it's hitting back at the horrible Microsoft marketing campaign, bribing users to switch to IE8 while insulting the rest of us.

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