Saturday, June 20, 2009

PEAR in June

June is here, and things are beginning to pick up again.

We've welcomed Rodrigo Sampaio Primo, probably better known for his efforts with TikiWiki and elsewhere, Peter Bittner joined us to feed back some of his Open Document improvements, we've seen the feature and bugfix releases of Services_Amazon_SQS, Net_LDAP2, Console_Commandline, XML_Serializer, PHP_UML, Payment_DTA, Net_UserAgent_Detect, Net_DNS, Services_Facebook, Testing_DocTest and Net_Nmap.

Christian Weiske has been working on getting Open Document back into shape, Greg Beaver is once again helping us move forward to elect a new PEAR group, as well as getting the next version of the PEAR installer ready for testing.

Slightly worrying, we haven't heard much from Amir since the elections in Iran, and he hasn't been on IRC.

PHP 5.3 isn't far off, and I think it's fair to suggest that we've all got a subdued sense of excitement about it. That, and the consumption of a metric tonne of meat.

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