Thursday, May 24, 2018

Paywave/mobile payments for Chuggers

I dont like high pressure fake charity collectors; but a chap with a can collecting for something like MS; I trust a lot more - no getting my credit card details; if I say no; they wander on.

Around Adelaide there is a particularly entertaining lady who has a very big McCaw with her - her success rate must be fairly good.

Most of the time though these days; I have to say I have no spare change, only card.

So, dear lazyweb; can someone please make a QR code or similar "open url" kit; letting someone with a smart phone tip - be it through an app store like subscription; a one click donate with the web payments API; or the charity equivalent of a kickstarter.

What I want as a donator:
- Mutually shared identity. Who am I giving my $ to, and do they have a scumbag rating?
- No spam. My local animal shelter spends a lot on print/mailouts to prompt recurring donation. If I can tell them not to spend $5 on media but on their cause; thats better for all
- kickstarter like updates; *if* I opt in to a specific project.

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