Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Net_LDAP2 - Stable!

Net_LDAP2 is an object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries of an LDAP server like ActiveDirecory or OpenLDAP.

It started life as a copy of Net_LDAP but introduced some API changes so beni created a new package instead of breaking the old Net_LDAP one.

But, as of now: Net_LDAP is deprecated, old and broken!

Going forward: how do I migrate?

Pretty simply replacing calls to Net_LDAP* with Net_LDAP2* will get you 90% of the way.

You can see there is little difference between the two, apart from the latter being E_STRICT friendly.

With this release, Net_LDAP will only be maintained for bugfixes and security issues. Please move to Net_LDAP2 which is actively developed and constantly gets new features.

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