Monday, March 02, 2009

Savings and Loans Coast to Coast 09

The ride - it was pretty good. It was really easy compared to what I thought it would be, because it was all down hill pretty much.

I did 100km in 3 hours, 8 minutes (approx 31km/h average). Not many people passed me - the pro riders all started from Glenelg and did 120km; and passed me in dribs and drabs or as a whole team.

The rest were all intermediates like myself, and not many got past me at all. I spent a lot of time on my own, so if I was with a team or group, I could have made it even faster.

I'm not even too sore - just a little empty feeling.

When I finished I was miserable because it was cold, damp and I was dead feeling and alone - I didn't have anyone to share the moment with inside of 100km.

I've been overwhelmed by just how many people have messaged me and asked and stuff in the past two days - so yeah, its friends and family like Rob (especially Rob for training with me), Paul, Chloe, Rhianna, Laurie (and Kendy and Bob), Hitesh and Niall that have fixed that horrible dead alone feeling.

I don't really think I've ever known that before.

Its been an amazing two months of training for it and actually doing it; and boring the shit out of everyone with my incessant prattle.

Since this felt trivial, I'm probably going to try the other rides in the Grand Slam series - about 500km in all.


I still miss my old bike, but I worked out that it has cost me only $3.22 per km to buy the new bike; so far.

If this bike lasts me a mere 5000km (I've already done 500km on it since mid feb!) that'll be $0.36 per km I've paid for it.

Riding to work and back every day for a only year on this bike then throwing it out works out to a cost of $1 a day. Keeping it for 3 years - $0.33 or so.

Bus tickets would cost me at least $5.38 and be subject to price increases.


Unknown said...

Hey mate, why don't you join a club? I'm about to join port adelaide cycling club as I have some friends that are members already.
There are races every week and it's a very social affair.

PS: I just picked up one of these:

Unknown said...
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