Monday, February 23, 2009

Goodbye, old bike

Well it had to happen sometime, but my blue old 2006 Giant CRX4 got nicked over the weekend from work. This will learn me to ever think "be responsible, don't cycle home while hammered!"

Turns out that there is no camera coverage of the 'secure' bike area, and no one is likely to notice someone climbing over at least one fence while hauling up a bike and juggling bolt cutters. Annoying.

I went out and bought a replacement lock, a Kryptonite lock; and it appears they can no longer be broken with just a pen.

So, if anyone sees a blue, beaten old bike with a wonky back wheel in need of a little attention, mug the guy riding it. There's only one other I've ever seen in Adelaide, and its parked in the city - and significantly less beaten up than my old thing. I think you would be safe in assuming you can kick the crap out them.

When I find the serial number, I'll stick it up here.

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Unknown said...

Maybe try listing it as stolen here:

Some fellow cyclists may see it.

Charlie Mellor said...

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