Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Savings and Loans Coast to Coast

Sunday, I'll be doing 100km or so in the Savings and Loans Coast to Coast 2009.

I opted for the cowardly start, but am probably fit enough to do the whole distance if I so choose.

Just tonight, I was happy to be able to ride for at least 5km holding my heart rate above 180 without discomfort; and still having energy left during the rest of the 50.

I felt bad having gone on a binge of eating, boozing and smoking on Sunday during the Norwood Food and Wine festival; and I certainly felt like rubbish for smoking tonight.

Let's see how I get on Sunday with the rest of the riders. I still can't keep fully up with the pack over just 50km, which is annoying, but I'm sure if I pace myself, I'll be just fine.

I've gone from

Date: 2009-01-06
Start Time: 06:15:00
End Time: 08:00:00
Time Taken: 01:45:00
Route: 2009-01-06 Route
Total Distance: 46.40 km.
Burned: 1,554 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 86.2 kg.
Effort: Normal
Quality: Good
Pace: 02:16 (avg)
Speed: 26.52 (km/hr) (avg)


Date: 2009-02-24
Start Time: 18:30:00
End Time: 20:17:00
Time Taken: 01:42:00
Route: Outer Harbor group ride
Total Distance: 48.08 km.
Burned: 1,643 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 82.6 kg.
Effort: Easy
Quality: Good
HR: 150 (min) 164 (avg) 185 (max)
Pace: 02:07 (avg)
Speed: 28.28 (km/hr) (avg)

in the last two months.

Some of that is new bike, some of that is losing several kg, but most of that feels like fitness.


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