Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bug Triage, 17th/18th Jan

Hey all, get your bug triage gloves on!

This weekend in #pear and #pear-bugs

Overall goals:
* Triage latest 50 bugs
* Break the new pearweb server as much as possible so we can have shiny new pearweb releases
* If you have a package which is package 1.0; upgrade it
* New releases which would be handy (look at, talk to maintainers, etc)
* Services_ExchangeRates 0.6 - doconnor
* Numbers_Words
* Image_Graph - doconnor emailed on 27th
* DB_DataObject - troehr emailed on 27th
* Validate - troehr emailed on 27th
* Image_Transform - troehr emailed on 27th, waiting for feedback from Philippe Jausions (appx Jan 1)
* Image_Canvas - doconnor emailed on 27th
* HTML_Page2 - troehr emailed on 27th
* HTTP_WebDAV_Client - doconnor emailed on 27th
* HTTP_WebDAV_Server - doconnor emailed on 27th
* Net_SmartIRC - doconnor emailed on 27th
* SQL_Parser - doconnor emailed on 27th
* Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer - troehr emailed on 27th, doconnor suitably scared
* Mail_Mime - avb and lifeforms (walter) are on it
+ - reasonably high impact - needs much refactoring, probably a Mail release too.
* Math_Finance - get it into cvs - doconnor
+ Usage examples would be neat
* Contact_Vcard_Build
* Contact_Vcard_Parse

I'll be around most of Saturday and Sunday during Australian daylight hours (GMT+0930); so if anyone wants to jump in and hassle people during the US/European daylight hours, feel free!

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