Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PEAR Bug Triage Day Results (December 17-18th)

Here's the results of Bug Triage, Dec 17-18th and a few days surrounding it.


  • Triage the latest 50 bugs
  • Crypt_GPG - gauthierm fixed broken unit tests
  • Services_Amazon_SQS - gauthierm is making progress on mocking out all HTTP
  • Validate_BE unit tests fail - doconnor fixed
  • HTTP_Session - doconnor made it skip if it can't possibly pass due to the unit test environment
  • XML_Feed_Parser - doconnor excluded from unit test results (too much noise for too little benefit)
  • PEAR 1.8 - fixing up unit tests - dufuz
  • Text_Wiki_Creole saw a release
  • Services_ExchangeRates 0.6 - doconnor did a release; mocked out all unit tests, tweaked API
  • MDB2 / MDB2_Driver_mysql - a new beta was put out! Lots of bugs fixed since the last release
  • New pear server was tested, lots of little patches, not quite ready yet! - doconnor, dufuz, cweiske, farell

If you missed it, the next one will be Feb 7-8th.

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