Friday, October 05, 2007

e-government, SOA and Microformats

The Australian Government appears to get e-government. I'm still waiting on an email reply, to a whole bunch of question I had though, so maybe the AGIMO isn't the most responsive government department...

Anyway, this leads me to ask:
  • What government sites would benefit from basic microformats the most? (vcard, vevent, addresses)
  • What raw data would benefit you the most?
For me, when it comes to work, it's getting hooked up to a title/deed search webservice - it's currently a complete pain and splintered between many different offices.

Personally, I like what the National Archive of Australia has done - rdf for all with AGLS!

Also useful for business is the ABRRegister SOAP services - exposing simple functionality to lookup ABNs.

So readers, what would make you as a private citizen quite pleased to have?

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