Friday, October 05, 2007

Dan 8:6-8

... and the managers spoke unto the IT department: we've sold something to our clients!

And woe fell upon the programmers, who clutched their hair and wailed their lament.

A manager stood up, and cried unto the programmers: "Do not fear! Management may try you, test your souls; but you are worthy of...


And the crowds breathed their sighs of relief.

Here at work, we have the 'IT Bible', which until recently only contained instructions and tutorials like:
  • How to fix a server when the lead systems administrators are dead
  • Where's my bagel? It's probably behind the firewall
However, due to recent workplace pressures, we've decided to bash our own scripture to document the way it is, it has been, and will always be.

There's nothing better than programmers with faith.

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