Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pidgin, Songbird, and a Shirt

Alright, let's cut to the chase. I desperately want a ninja filled tshirt.

With the current state of the US dollar, it's probably a good time to prise $25 USD from my ever so tight pockets; but the penny pinching old grandfather in me just won't let me.

So, I have a plan:

  1. Wait for either Gutsy Gibbon to land, or a decent feisty backport of pidgin

  2. Learn just what exactly this dbus thing is

  3. Use a mixture of kung fu and whinging to have Songbird inform Pidgin of what I'm playing, just like I've always wanted.

If I can get at least half way into doing that, then I can most probably convince myself:

  • dbus is cool, and you are making something shiny enough that you deserve a t-shirt

  • this is way too hard, you need a pity t-shirt

Either option is great for me.


Anonymous said...

If you need songibrd working with pidgin
just go on songbird addons site and download my dbus-extension


Dan said...

And the pity shirt has it!

Anonymous said...

@inf3rn0 How do i use it to display NowPlaying from Songbird in Pidgin ?