Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I can see the light...

Go and read this article on controlling individual neurons with light pulses.

I won't rehash the article, except to say; wow.

Since you are now able to stimulate very, very, very specific parts of the brain, imagine how much easier it would be to tell specific parts to take a lunch break.

That's the kind of research that I've heard of being done in (loose) connection with Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera.

I don't have a fucking clue on where to find the paper(s) for it, but it basically boiled down to researchers using magnetic fields to temporarily suspend some parts of your mind's regular functioning... and when they did it, many of the subjects got a lot better at problem solving / pattern finding / etc; somewhat like an autistic savant.

It cropped up on 60 minutes the other night too.

Stephen was used as an example of just what could be possible.

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