Friday, July 15, 2005

Complain About Broken Shit Week - July 15-22

I love open source software. I hate open source software. People put in their spare time to make cool stuff. It's often only comprehensible to them and 3 other men locked in a small, dark room in the middle of alaska.
We, as end users, come across it and download it. We are like lab rats. We get strange and bizare ideas and things tested on us all of the time. Broken code. Shitty interfaces. Really cool stuff that isn't quite useful so it's just a bit disapointing. You know what? It's time to stand up for your rights. Be a lab rat no more.

Complain About Broken Shit Week. July 15-22, 2005.

In the spirit of ThisIsBroken and Signals vs Noise, we're going to complain. About stuff that makes our lives hard. About stuff that makes us just want to murder someone with the business end of a spoon because it almost works like we'd like it to. We aren't going to call it shit, because we love it all. No, this isn't a HAHAHAHA MY DISTRO HUMPS YOUR DISTRO day. We're going to say It makes me really unhappy when Firefox kills my profile, for the umpteenth time. Or Filezilla really annoys me when I try to pause stuff. Or GAIM really needs to stop fucking with my head. Please.

The point? I'll gather all of this up and file the bugs. You just have to tell me what's making you unhappy, and why. Then, I'll go to bat, and heckle developers. Ok, Ok, I lie. I won't call them stupid, lame coders who couldn't design an app to save their life. I'll tell them tales of woe. I'll make them understand what it's like when you've clicked the same useless button for the 10,000th time, and you just can't cope anymore.

How to whinge like a fucking pro:

GAIM [win32] status icons / user avatars.

I can't see if someone is busy AND their picture IF they have a really long name. Sure, I know about setting aliases and whatever, but I'm too lazy. Please fix this, Mr GAIM developers, it's doing my head in - I'm too busy to set it up on every computer I visit with GAIM, and set aliases for everyone. It affects my productivity. Really badly. Upsettingly so.

Having it so I could choose if the avatars were on the left / right, OR so that it automatically hid people's names that were just too long would make my day.

Really Tetchy User Guy

See, it's easy. Complain. Tell me what's wrong, what version, why it's wrong, and how stressful it is.

If you aren't on a windows box, and the software isn't open source, I'm going to have trouble seeing what you see - screenshots, diagrams, statements from therapists, all of these things are going to help a lot.

Remember, this is your moment to complain. Don't let it get away!

[Comment here with your whinging!]
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