Saturday, July 16, 2005


A radio station is a collection point for traffic condition reports.
A listener rings up and goes it's hell down on the corner of X & Y, a cow truck has just crashed.
Not all listeners ring up and say that. A person who listens to radio station A will not tell radio station B about traffic conditions.
RadioSpatial is a content sharing tool. When a person rings up radio station A, the phone person can quickly and easily enter an address and an incident type. They click publish and it's on the radio station's website in 3 seconds flat.
The advantage, however, is when you start publishing RDF/XML combined with a ping service.
If radio station A publishes data and pings a central server, which then scutters the new information and regenerates a report, radio stations B, C, D and E can all benefit. If B, C, D and E are all doing this too, A gets back valuable data. Everyone wins.

That's what I want to build right now. Really easy to use and publish information systems like this.

The second stage:
The Adelaide specific solution: get our traffic control software to output XML. Merge the two systems. Mashup. Creative Commons it.

Hey presto, transform this all from RDF/XML into KML - live traffic condition data from space.

I want to create this, before the weekend is out. Hopefully, get ACTS onboard too. Let anyone sell the software and charge a few dollars for customisation of the radio station's website to work with this. Do datamining and sell premium services / commercial subscription licencing. Low income, cool project.

Thoughts for it?
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