Friday, July 15, 2005

Sprog and Love

We have a problem at work. We have processes. Processes in a web based environs. Where users can go back, forward, sideways, and a little to the left of correct input. How do you tell them to go back to step A and change something in order to continue on at step Z?

Controls to tackle this include breadcrumbs, but breadcrumbs don't tell you where to go next, only where you have been.

NodeExplorer control. Points displayed: About 2 steps ahead in any direction from where I am, 3 steps backward. Use attraction-repulsion stuff to make all of the spokes 'expand' out. Where I've been is dark, where I'm going is light, dependancies are shown.
And, of course, we use the travelling salesman problem to find the shortest way from everywhere to everywhere else.

I'll make you all pictures for this, I promise.
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