Saturday, April 30, 2005

Chefmoz 2.0 Call To Arms

I'm trying to kick start Chefmoz 2.0 development and find out who's got balls and who hasn't.

Chefmoz 2.0 is vapourware at the moment. Though I'm a new editor, I'm determined to shake things up.

My name is Daniel O'Connor, and I zealously want to see Chefmoz become better. I'm primarily a PHP developer, with a slight background in Java (enough to love the ideas but not to use it to hack in). I love complex challenges, and Chefmoz is one of them! I'm also a usability nazi.

Now: the reason there is no Chefmoz 2.0 despite discussion being about for so long is no one has stuck their flag into the ground and claimed responsibility for it.
Consider this a statement of intent: I want to get Chefmoz 2.0 here. Soon.

I can't do it alone. No one can. I need you, trusty developers, to help me.

We need:
* At least one web designer (XHTML, CSS, Smarty)
* At least one documentation guru (Javadoc)
* PHP hackers. If you don't understand OO, you'll be more of a hinderance than a help.
* Postgres / MySQL wizard.
* At least one usability guru, who looks at what we are doing and yells at us when we forget TheAveragePersonIsNotAGeek...

Ideally, we'll be a close nit team of eager developers under the iron fisted rule of a dictator or two. Once we've got something out the door, the community is more than welcome to come in and participate. This means... we might ignore your contributions if they won't work with ours.
It's not our intent to snub the community, but rather to get a Chefmoz 2.0 happening.

If you want to be involved in Chefmoz 2.0 development, reply here.

* Name
* Skills
* Experience
* Past Projects (Personal/Paid/Whatever!)
* Some form of contact details
* Why we should pick you
* Any reasons we shouldn't pick you (for instance, I'm bad with deadlines :D)
* Your favourite snack while developing. (Obviously, we aren't going to pick people with poor taste for a restaurant site!)
* What will you do to chefmoz? (IE, I love RDF and want to push a RESTful webservice to get restaurant RDF/XML)

If there aren't enough applicants, you don't get the position by default.

Next actions:
* Community building - the collaboration tools (ie, this forum) are shonky. We'll be trying Basecamp, 43things, and a few other team management approaches.
* Set up a dev. wiki open to all.
* Development box so the public can see what we're making.
* Nap.
* Nap a lot.

Questions? Abuse? Offers of Money, Fame and Success? (email/msn addr).

Oh, one other thing. Feel free to POST THE GIST OF THIS IN YOUR BLOGS. It shouldn't be behind closed doors!
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