Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Samsung air conditioners - direct interaction

A few days ago, a Brisbane based chap named Shannon dusted off my blog posts from last year, and pointed out that directly interacting the a samsung A/C only required a bit of SSL.

We seem to have slightly different models, but the underlying principles are all roughly the same. Given my web based authentication method stopped working, and given the Australian Copyright Council says this, with regard to reverse engineering:

Making interoperable products
Software may be reproduced or adapted in order to get information necessary to enable an
interoperable product to be made. The relevant provision also allows the person making the interoperable product to reproduce or adapt the original software in the interoperable product, but only to the extent necessary to enable interoperability either with that or any other software.
I'm happy to publish the direct method now via bitbucket.

Speaking with Shannon a bit, he's likely to write a full perl or other language version as well; and had some strong ideas around home automation - I've suggested integrating into the thing system.

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