Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why is there no apparent way to close this notification?

Gnome 3, you mostly work. The one thing I  can't stand though is this notification you continually give me:
It's whenever my USB HDD is detected - which seems to be somewhat randomly. I don't really care if it's connected or not, but why don't you go away when I want you to?

I never want to eject. I rarely want to Open with Files. Instead, I want the notification to vanish.

Where's the control for that? There isn't one. Instead, I have to "Open with Files". Every. Login.

The notification doesn't vanish either - it stays on screen for as long as it likes.

Any folks who can help me trawl gnome's bugzilla for existing issues like this, please do comment.

I have got:

...but those don't have much momentum

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