Monday, December 29, 2008

PEAR bug triage roundup - Dec 27th/28th

We had PEAR bug triage on the 27th/28th.

I'd expected this to be a quiet one, but CVS activity was actually pretty heavy!

We accomplished:
* XML_Feed_Parser tests got added (1500 unit tests)! - doconnor
* HTTP_Upload parse errors fixed - doconnor
* Net_SMPP parse errors fixed - doconnor
* Net_Whois bugfix release - doconnor
* Massive improvements to PEAR_PackageFileManager tests - dufuz
* Auth_Prefmanager tests now skip if not configured - doconnor
* HTML_Template_IT 1.3.0a1 released - doconnor
* Image_Color 1.0.3 released - doconnor
* MP3_Playlist - phpcs - doconnor
* Net_IPv6 got into the pear test suite - doconnor
* Started Services_Akismet2 - gauthierm
* Started the process for new releases of DB_DataObject, HTML_Page2, HTTP_Upload, HTTP_WebDAV_Client, HTTP_WebDAV_Server, Image_Canvas, Image_Graph, Image_Transform, MDB2, MDB2_Driver_mysql, Mail_Mime, Net_SmartIRC, SQL_Parser, Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer, Validate - doconnor, troehr

The most important one here would be PEAR_PackageFileManager improvements - this is part of getting PEAR 1.8 out of the door.

Coming in second was the addition of 1500 or so tests with XML_Feed_Parser - unfortunately, we went from 145 failures to over 1000. The benefit of this: You can really see where PHP / libxml have a few holes, so over time, more bugs will be filed and this will improve.

Unfortunately, overall, it felt like we just ended up with more work on our plates as we unravelled bug after bug - so we'll power on through at the next bug triage day!

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