Monday, December 22, 2008

Angry: Don't make a mockery of our medium, Stephen

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Conroy finally starts 'engaging' the public.

He does it by parroting the same rubbish he's been doing all along, while actively ignoring our questions.

This is a total mockery.

An example: Why aren't PC level filters sufficient?

The previous Government's Protecting Australian Families Online strategy focused on providing families with PC-level filtering software. However, despite an $84.8 million government program and $15.5 million in advertising, only about two per cent of households with dependent children are using a filter. Unfortunately, many parents do not have the technical skills or knowledge to install and manage PC-level filters. ISP-level filtering could provide important protection for those families with limited technical expertise.

We understand that ISP filtering is not a 'silver bullet' for this purpose. However, in conjunction with the Government's numerous other initiatives in this area, we believe it can make an important contribution to protecting children online.

Stephen Conroy

1. You think we are too stupid to go out and learn how to protect our children if we need to
2. No one wanted it before, which means we're too stupid to learn how to get it
3. Look at how much money was spent, and still no one cared! The answer? Spend more money, and force it on people.


These are the same rubbish answers you've given in question time, this is the same junk. You wasted hours and hours of our lives, as we hated you then, and then to pacify us, you parrot it back at us?

Get out, Stephen Conroy, get out of this country: you have no place within our civil and confident society.

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Anonymous said...

You're not living in russia:)Similar ignorance everywhere from top to bottom.
For example moscow is just like another country inside of country(just like others doesen't exist at all),and government doesn't care to know that happens around and don't wanna know that other people exist."I know that's right for you-do what I say not what I do"-that's kind of dialog you can expect from government worker if you "suddenly" encounter one.

Best wishes to you and you family.

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