Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PEAR Bug Triage Day Results (December 6th)

PEAR's December Bug Triage Day was alright, if somewhat quiet. It was actually more spread out over the preceding weeks rather than much on the day itself.

Christian got a new version of Services_Blogging out earlier in the month, while Console_GetArgs and Numbers_Words got updated and increased unit test coverage - just about everyone under the sun chipped in and wrote translated unit tests for Numbers_Words - Igor, Christian, Lorenzo, Kouber, David and anyone else I missed.

Payment_DTA got a new owner in Martin Schutte, which saw a good few bug fixes applied.

I fixed up Text_Figlet, which broke PHP 4 compatibility, and got out a release of it and Services_Yadis.

Finally, Validate got back in the unit test good books, with almost all unit test failures resolved.

The next one is calendared for December 28th, so we'll see how that goes :)

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