Sunday, December 07, 2008

NoCleanFeed slogans

If you've been living under a rock, you might not know about the upcoming #nocleanfeed protests planned for December 13th.

Basically; the Labor government wants to provide a mandatory filter of Australia's internet to prevent child porn and other 'unwanted' content.

I'm against it because it is a technically unworkable solution to a problem I don't have. You can learn more at the GetUp petition, or

The protests

12 Noon @ Parliament House

11am @ Brisbane Square

12 Noon @ State Library

11am @ Town Hall

11am @ Parliament Lawns

12 Noon @ Stirling Gardens

The slogans

I'm in need of more signs.

Here's some starter ideas.

"For an anti-porn filter...
... this is gonna fuck us!"

"GET /public-support?
HTTP 403: Forbidden"

"Accidentally the whole internetz?
This protest is what that means!"

"What's wrong Conroy?
Afraid to answer our questions in the Senate?"

"Clive Hamilton - LOLWUT?"

"Clive Hamilton will damage our children,
by controlling their future"

"Clive Hamilton is a philosopher;
His ideas are not designed to be practical!"

"Won't somebody think of the children!"

"Net Filters are like windows,
they don't stop criminals with purpose"

"Sen. Conroy, slow down!
You are dodging our questions too fast!"

"My Labor Government Penpal just wont write back"

"Hey, can I opt-out from Sen Conroy's rhetoric?
Oh, not that either then..."

"Conroy says:
NetAlert: wasted taxpayer's money!
CleanFeed: a winner!

"The only positive part of CleanFeed
will be the false positives!"

"If it doesn't work in trials,
just ignore the results! WIN!"

Possible posters


Unknown said...

I'm so torn by the awesomeness of your contribution and the amount we were collectively slammed for having so many in jokes on our signs and posters.

Screw it, it may have backfired but at least we had a laugh. Next time we'll try appealing to the rest of society.

Dan said...

I was pretty happy when I saw myself on the news, then the camera panned over - someone had made a

GET /public-support?
HTTP 403: Forbidden

sign. Woo.