Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Microformats vs Machines

I've been toiling away in the background for a few weeks now, slowly pushing XML_GRDDL through its paces, and the GRDDL spec tests.

It's finally at a point I'm mostly happy with - it fails some xml:base related tests, and doesn't like content negotiation - though it's hard to test against a misconfigured setup.

So now that I've hit a happy place, I thought I might as well do some explorations - particularly of microformats to RDF.

So, who's got real world microformats? Flickr! Upcoming! Hurray! Or maybe not quite GRDDL friendly formats.

Not even Tantek really bothers with profiles - apart from XFN.

Now I'm about stumped. How do I convince the vast majority of microformat users to look sideways at a //head[@profile] containing GRDDL friendly information?

Especially since the driving matra behind microformats is people first, machines second

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