Monday, March 31, 2008

Daylight savings considered evil

I don't really care when we do daylight savings in my day to day life. In my work life, however, I really do.

If it's not broken, don't mess with it.

Unfortunately, South Australia (where our servers are) decided to move the standard end date of daylight savings time by a week. Just for this year as far as I know.

This was not very well publicised here. Nor did it enable business to get their systems up to date.

This now means our server's PHP is broken, mysql is upset, PEAR::Date is upset and it has to stay that way for a week.

What a %#^#%ing mess.


Unknown said...

tip1: ALWAYS, read that again, ALWAYS use UTC in your own PHP code.
tip2: Try to be aware of any timezone changes in advance (difficult in this circumstance)
tip3: Regularly check the distribution of any server's running for any timezone updates or run a script to do this automatically

I feel your pain. I'm in WA, but our servers are set to NSW timezone - M$ only released an update at the last minute that no-one in IT knew about either. Fun.

Dan said...


UTC - check!

Try to be aware - I was all over the WA DST trial; this one just appeared from nowhere and attacked me.

Timezone updates - until recently, we were unaware of the pecl timezone db being a seperate package



Anonymous said...

Amen, brudder.