Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where's my Airship!?

Where's my airship flights?

A few quotes to get you salivating:

EG: In as brief a list as possible, what kind of advantages does airship travel hold over traditional air travel?

RH: The best word picture I can give you is to refer back to where we left off, with the Hindenburg. It could carry a whopping 100 tons of payload and people at a top speed of 83 mph (cruise was closer to 65 mph). Yet it was powered by only four diesel engines each with a maximum of about 1,200 hp. so for less than the horsepower of one engine on a four engine C-130 turboprop cargo plane (that only carries 20 tons) the Hindenburg could fly from Southern Germany all the way to the US in about 72 hours.


The airship industry has no shortage of enthusiasts, visionaries, and passionate dreamers, but it’s almost barren of the steely eyed business people who have the professionalism and expertise to first build the solid enterprise that can build the airships. I guess it’s just easier for these people to get an MBA and go manage an IT start-up or a Fortune 500 company.

When you have industry folk saying where's my manager, then you know there's a market there ripe for the taking.

Can you imagine it? You book in a flight, which might take a day or so, but you get to spend many hours in an inflight casino... or a bar. Or even better, you are hooked up to the internet, so there's very little discernible difference in your day to day life (at least if you develop software for a living).

Tell me that's not better than flights for $1 to batshit nowhere.

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