Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Care and Feeding of Users I

This is a few notes for a talk I'm giving to some co-workers about the care and feeding of our users.

Who have we got?
  • Pointy Haired Bosses
  • Mortgagee Managers
  • Typists / Admin
  • Valuers
  • Beancounters

What's a Pointy Haired Boss?
  • Little or no awareness of their surrounds
  • Doesn't accomplish much
  • When they are given a problem to solve, they are so eager to solve it, they will be relentless. Generally the more petty, the more relentless.
What's a Mortgage Manager?
  • These are our clients
  • Stuck in IE6 land
  • Trying to make a buck by spending a buck
  • Technology is no barrier, if it's not working for them, they just want to fax it.
What's a Typist/Admin?
  • Chief wranglers of the great white valuers
  • Also stuck in IE6 land
  • They do phones, appointments, typing and organisation
  • More females than males
  • Know about 5% of what this whole valuation process is about, and care even less.
What's a Valuer?
  • Does housing valuations, usually at a % of the valfirm fee.
  • Has to go through uni, and sign things
  • Originally stuck in IE6 land
  • Highly mobile

What's a Beancounter?
  • Accountant
  • Chief wrangler of finances
  • Lives in MYOB or Quicken

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