Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Accounting in Australia 5E

Accounting in Australia 5E is a complete waste of money, John Wiley is the enemy of easy of use, and open knowledge.

If you wanted to purchase this book in order to learn outside of the framework of university, you are in trouble.

The company refuses to give out the solutions, which are not contained in the back of the book. They are on a password protected website - and they refuse to allow non-university lecturers to access it.

This is severely retarded - the book becomes useless as soon as the website or company goes out of business, and it's already useless if you aren't a university lecturer.

After speaking to a phone flunky at the company there is:
1. No way to purchase the PDF separately.
2. No way to get a university lecturer to authorize you to receive the solutions

In short, this is a complete waste of $115.


Dear Daniel

Your query sounds eerily like that of another customer's that I have just responded to with almost exactly the same complaint however I will assume you are indeed different people with a similar concern.

The textbook you refer to was written by university lecturers and is used only by students studying an accounting course - the back cover and preface make that very clear as does a flickthrough the textbook that the solutions are not supplied. It is not meant as a casual read to help one understand accounting. There are thousands of other books that do a better job at that because they are designed as such. A quick perusal on any large bookstore website would alert you to that.

Access to solutions for university textbooks is never allowed to students or non students. This is because we give the solutions to lecturers and they decide when they will release the solutions to their students. Lecturers want students to read the text, practice answering the questions and then hand out the solutions so they can see where they have gone wrong. If we were to give out solutions to textbooks the lecturers would not adopt the text for their course. No higher education textbook publisher provides solutions directly to students - it is standard business practice to only supply them to fact our site where you requested the solutions makes that very clear.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Russell

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Phyllis Stoffel said...

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