Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jim Baen is dead :(

I know it's old news, but it's news to me.

I stopped back in to see some ebook pirates (arr); only to find out Dunamai (Hugh Miller) has passed on.

Attention: Hugh Miller, also known and loved as Dunamai, has passed away. His sister informed us that he was not doing well in the last few days of rehab, and suffered a major heart attack. He will be in our prayers.

Seconds later, I find out Jim Baen is gone too.

To contrast the two - Hugh was a dedicated book scanner; turned dead trees into ebooks time after time and sharing them with the world.

Jim Baen on the other hand was a bit higher up the food chain - a believer in ebooks without DRM (the baen free library).

Both shared common beliefs. Both are gone from us now.

:( Happy monday.

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