Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nina Starr / Loxton Murder Update

Updates: Everything, including James Hall is sentenced.

When I reached home I discovered something very surprising: if the web was powered by gossip, I'd have nothing impressive to tell people about what I learned in the day.

Donshae informs me of the arrest and charging of a 19 year old male (I know the name, I just can't remember it) who was supposedly heavily stoned when he murdered Nina Starr.
The Advertiser confirms it but withholds the name, also releasing absolutely no details about how Nina Starr actually died.

Rumor (possibly unfounded) has it that the "particularly vicious" injuries inflicted upon Nina is a polite euphamism for an axe blow or several to the face.

What's more, I mention this whole affair to my friends and discover just how small the world is: Chloe's father went to school with Nina, Donshae went to school with the accused, Jason knows Nina's relatives, and our neighbours are aghast that it's all happened in the sleepy community of Loxton.

As chance would have it, I have photographs of the area in which the body was found: unwittingly, I'd snapped away at some of the locations. I'm not sure if it would be wise to post them at this time...
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