Monday, January 30, 2006

My Weekend and Murder

Updates: Everything, including James Hall is sentenced.

This weekend I went away with my housemates to the community of Loxton. I'd spent the trip up tapping away on my laptop, trying to think of mystery & intrigue to write about, and work into some fashion of ARG.

Life is infact a lot stranger than fiction, it turns out. Donshae, who grew up in the area, and Chloe, who lived about 40km away were shocked when we heard about the death of a woman and the discovery of her body near the local caravan park.

The local caravan park is the main swimming area of Loxton, right on the river Murray. It's where everyone goes - so it must have been very, very upsetting to find the body afloat in its waters.

Initially it appeared to be an accidental death, but police later declared it a major crime and appealed for information in the case. We got back to Donshae's family home and were told that no-one knew who she was - police as of yet had no way to identify the woman.
Rumor had it that she had suffered a large amount of blunt force trauma to the face; which I am willing to believe seeing as it took so long to identify her.

Later, we found out that she was in her 50s, and had only been wearing a pair of socks and two necklaces - the necklaces were in the sunday mail. No one thought she was a local, figuring that we'd know if someone was missing, wouldn't we? But unfortunately, that wasn't the case - 53 year old local resident and supermarket worker, Nina Starr, met an unfortunate end.

Initial speculation that she had been shot was unfounded. The post mortem results should be available over the coming day or week, so I may keep you all posted.

Erstwhile, google news carries the related stories.
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