Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why FreeBSD doesn't rule the world.

Me: The dox I am reading don't seem to mention a central place freebsd looks for fonts, is there such a thing, like on windows?
Ass: I have no idea what you're rambling about.
Me: Situation: There's a server which needs fonts to make graphs to appease our management overlords. I know precisely 0 about freebsd, but I'm the sucker who's got to fix the broken-ness. Is there a central place applications on freebsd look for fonts?
Me: To reiterate: Is there a central location in FreeBSD to schtick fonts?
Ass: I have no clue what you're talking about.
(I read this as "I have no clue")
Me: Look, you either answer "yes, anywhere in $PATH", "yes, /usr/local/share/path/to/freedom/from/assholes/", or no, or NFI.
Ass: Depends on what GUI you're running.
Me: No GUI. PHP wants to find things.
Ass: Depends on what GUI you're running.
Me: Fine, I'll take that as a "anywhere in the $PATH"
Ass: Take it anyway you like, I've helped you plenty.
Me: You've been most unhelpful, infact.
Ass: Do you have any further questions, or would you like to leave?
Me: No further questions, have a nice day.

* You were kicked from #freebsd by Ass (lame.)

Am I alone in thinking that if you're bitter about providing support for a product, unhelpful, etc, you're going to give your beloved operating system a bad name?
Had this guy gone, Tell me what's up or actually read what I had written, which I'd think is pretty legitimate in the way of questions, I might be happier now, know a bit more about FreeBSD, and talk it up to whomever I ran across that looked remotely interested.

Now, I'm a bit vicious in ##php and #web sometimes, and I'll poke fun at poor n00bs a bit, but I don't usually make them want to hunt me down and stab me with a rusty spoon, which is how I'm feeling at the moment. Infact, they usually get code/help/links from me, after the initial ribbing.

Back to appeasing the management overlords, and crawling back under my Wednesday 5:30 pm hangover.
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