Monday, June 06, 2005

XUL Semweb Killer App Thought

MAB is nifty. I've seen it before, and if I actually shopped on Amazon, I'd use it. Pity I'm a cheapskate.

What I just noticed, and quite liked, was the "Export XML" feature in the menu. Now, what if it was an "export RDF/XML" that dumped into piggy-bank or its shared store cousin?


Willpower to implement it: 0

Other news: added the ability to publish data onto, as well as update from to alcoholix. For a sunday and a lunch break of whipping it all together, it's coming along nicely. Thanks to Rhiannan's studious work, we're now up to 80 or so geographically mapped pub locations.


Have a tinker if you like, it's very shaky and easy to break, but the more feedback I get, the more I'll do it on. Current feature I'd most like to implement: Pubcrawl Planning & Map Maker.
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