Sunday, June 05, 2005

A bit of progress into Alcoholism

Look, pretty RDF and random pubs!

I've loaded 30 test cases into the database, prototyped out some interfaces, made an "add pub" form, and decided I'm approximately half way to having a these-are-your-local-pubs lookup by blog url.

There's a few cool things that need to come into the BlogMap API, like lookup by lat/lon, but hey, it's a start!

I've even bashed out a quick little PEAR style php library for BlogMap [Services_Blogmap], which I'll delay releasing until there's a little bit more to work with (2 methods does not a web service SDK make :S)

Things left todo:
  • Add: Validate
  • Add: Image Upload
  • Refactor to multiple tables.
  • Add, map to chefmoz
  • Add, get details *from* chefmoz
  • About
  • Design
  • View Blog
  • View Metro
  • View Metro RDF
  • View Blog RDF
  • SVG + XSLT to apply to raw results (insert noises of ooerr about here).
... plus a bunch of views and such. I reckon I can knock this off after work tommorrow, and set about extensively testing the "where's the nearest pub to me" functionality.
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