Monday, April 11, 2005

Citilan & Cluttr Updates

Comfy!Hah, I knew it. Reading back along the daily slashdot, I spied this little beauty. Cluttr plus that would rock!

Now, to Citilan. If you have any of the listed isps, log on it and have fun with it! It rocks. I was in the Adelaide State Library, on North Terrace.

I got kicked out of Borders when I tried to use their power. Fascists. Oh, the cafes look comfortable, and stuff, but really they suck! I also spent some decent time hacking out kickass code in a plaza.

Hacking code in comfy chairs while listening to cool jazz surrounded by knowledge and public wifi is the single most productive thing I've done in a month.

Soon, I'll have to get an ISP that's with citilan, a spare 802.11g card, and someone to hack code with. We'll use gaim to chat and plan without making a sound.

Ah, what a life.
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