Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One Small Step For CloCkWeRX...

...One Giant Leap Backwards for productivity.

After fooling about I've decided Ruby isn't for me. Yet. It's fine for rapid application development, but the documentation doesn't coddle me enough. Also, what am I thinking to pump out a web application in a language I don't grok!

I've also discovered a game. No, not a game, the game. Morrowind is the third in the Eldar Scrolls something or rather. I'm hooked. My roommate shifted the TV & XBox right next to where I usually code.
I'm stuck.
Quite literally.
I nearly lost my job because of the irregularities introduced into my sleeping patterns! :S

Of late, my coding efforts have been on

  • PointOfSale - XUL/JS/PHP 5/RDF

  • Fresh FM's new site - Customising Drupal

  • Fresh FM's intranet - Documentation galore

  • Refactorying Fresh Framework - migrating the code for the work website to new machines introduced a lot of bugs I ignored before.

  • Cursing Gallery 2 - Running direct from the CVS is no fun :(

Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have more time to devote to PointOfSale, and indirectly PEAR::RDF as I track down bugs by the dozen. Stay tuned for some actual code related blogging!
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