Thursday, January 13, 2005

Oh. My. God.

Try as I might, developing XUL applications is too hard. Mainly because if you do it locally with firefox, you have to kill off firefox in order to refresh the cached application. Thus the tutorial you are reading, in firefox, dies. Not good for learning well.
This can be solved though. Serve your XUL applications up over http, instead of chrome, and it's all good. But it's still sticky... edit this file, edit that file.
There's not enough abstraction.

Enter PEAR::XML_XUL! Baby XUL Steps took me maybe 10 minutes to get a start in. It's just layout xul, but BAM! I have rapid prototyping happening.
I still can't get it right adding a Script element, but that will come soon. The plan is to offer two flavours of XUL up, behind a password. External customers can look up our products and check their account balances, internal staff can do regular point of sale stuff.

Not yet impressed? Try these spiffy examples of PEAR::XML_XUL in action.

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