Sunday, January 16, 2005

Automatic Movie Ratings web service!

FilmTrust is a semantic web research project by Jen Golbeck. It's nifty and finally fills that void in my life where I want to share it all with the blogosphere.

To that end, I've written some very simple and poorly implemented base classes for PHP blogs. All you need is to install PEAR::XML_Serializer and extract some files, then you are off on the road to developing.

For a live demo, see my movies.

Download FilmTrust Webservices Kit.

As ever, the code is under the GPL.

For Non Geek Blogger

Do you want to get movie ratings and reviews on your site or blog? It's really simple!

  1. Sign up to FilmTrust and rate some movies.

  2. Add some code to your website or blog template.


Note: The above Javascript will insert your movies as well as a small Google Adsense advertisement. Ensure that your blog host allows advertising (ie, livejournal does not). I request that you keep the advertising present. You don't have to if you don't want to. But while the code is free providing bandwidth and eating isn't.

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