Thursday, June 05, 2014

Australia Post's Digital Mailbox and personal document management

So, I was curious: what's this Australia post thing all about?

The marketing is terrible - it describes email. What it needs to do is describe itself as what it is:

Physical mail to email proxy.

If your giant unresponsive service provider is in struggletown to move away from paper billing to an online platform, Auspost's Digital Mailbox looks to make that a non issue.

Too bad it competes with BPay or the companies themselves offering service via email.

The requirements to claim you mailbox aren't high, so in theory I could swipe all of the neighbours mail - but I actually have 0 service providers too slow to swap to email and need this service.

I suppose you'd need a little bit more detail to verify yourself with an actual company.

Here's the supported providers right now:

I am pleased that it's basically the guts of a print to email proxy that I talked about, removing a bunch of the effort; but upset it's only for the "trusted brands".

I'm also pleased because I'm spending a lot of time photographing bills and what have you - I just want a personal document tagging system more or less like Gmail; and this inches me closer.

Why can't I sign my outgoing messages with an appropriately secure key, say something tied to what the ATO want me to use, and be an equal player on this platform?

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