Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OpenStreetMap and Keepright: Fixing all of the redaction errors in Melbourne

The OSM license change that lead to redaction (here's a decent animation of the automated reverts) happened well over two years ago now; and a lot of remapping has taken place.

Unfortunately, humans aren't as good as some of the QA tools we have available, and that means a lot of valuable mapping is left untagged.

Keepright has been helping me find all of the untagged ways in Adelaide and Melbourne; both cities are now effectively 'clean'. Anything where the last edit was the redaction bot usually only needs a few tags or to be deleted if it's a duplicate.

I'd encourage any other mappers who feel their area is 'complete' to view it through a tool like Keepright - even if you pick as few as 5-10 errors to fix, you can make a big impact.

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