Friday, January 10, 2014

Various home automation todos

LED strip lights are surprisingly cheap and at the level of DIY - ebay suggests around $12-13 for 5m.

I have a few projects in mind.

The first is LED skirting boards, coupled with a motion sensor and dimmer. This video manages to make a simple, good idea look terrible through the use of lighting best left for strip clubs.

Here's the motion sensor:

If I could combine the two, plus a tiny bit of logic to only enable them at certain times, walking through my house at midnight means no more fumbling for a light switch.

I'm fairly confident it'll be useful, as I already did a similar experiment with cheap stick on LEDs - the battery maintenance was the downfall of that idea.

The second one is a natural extension of the first - I spent around $30 on a terrible sunrise alarm clock, which didn't work and was impossible to program.

If I've got LED skirting boards, why not LED strips for the edges of a bed? Ideally, the situation ends up somewhat like this.

To get the sunrise clock effect, I'd consider a ZWave RGB LED controller. Throw in the thing system, and for the mornings you'd get a warming wakeup.

There's a few other neat suggestions, like LEDs being used for feedback in the house (too close to the garage wall? Red! Stop!)

Other ideas I've had:
ZWave controlled blinds seem useful. I'd seen them before, but it wasn't summer then.
It'd be neat if these roof vents were controllable - you don't want it running in winter.

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