Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project idea: Barcode scanner to shopping list

I've had this idea for a while in various forms, and I'm not alone. Until recently not all of the pieces of the puzzle were going to work together though.

The first attempt, google tasks API to product search/lookup. I got it working, but it was too hard and the results too limited - amazon, and google product searches were all that were supported.

Most recently I wanted to set up my raspberry pi, opencv, and have a shot at webcam based image recognition, but got bogged down in opencv installation.

Oscar solves the problem more simply. The python code is on github. I've just ordered a barcode scanner from ebay, with stand, $25 AUD.

More importantly, for Australia, the major supermarkets have finally gotten into online ordering - I already use this.

Here's examples of searching for products by barcodes.

Coles: Barcode 9300650008861
Woolworths: Barcode 9300650008861

It's not quite to the point I can call an API on their site(s) and add it to a cart, but it's likely I can update the trello list items to link to the woolworths/coles pages - one click to buy per product.

That's pretty close to automatic.

Looking a bit deeper, woolworths appears to support basic POST for authenticated users:

As does Coles, once you strip away the ajax behaviour

I think it would be reasonable, if you could ensure you were authenticated, to end up with a 'one click add to cart' behaviour.

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