Sunday, January 05, 2014

Next smart appliance?

So I made decent inroads into controlling my aircon, and am getting drivers for The Thing System written.

What's next?

I know Samsung does a few other appliances, but I bought a decent washer,  tv and fridge recently.
That leaves an oven,  or upgrading the tv.

My friend James has done well with sprinkler systems but that has a fair bit of custom hardware in use.
Light globes, motion sensors,  are a possibility,  but for my house dont add much value.

Security cameras (opencv) might be a little interesting,  or temp sensors, door opening sensors, as triggers.
I am a bit sad that latitude was killed off,  though I suppose trawling for my Mac address is an ok substitute for knowing when I arrive home.

I would be very interested in a smart power meter,  though with my solar and having it recently upgraded I probably shouldnt justify the spend.

Alternatively,  a solar install on my shed plus a pi might produce a workable aquaponics or self managing homebrew setup.

Any suggestions?

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