Monday, September 30, 2013

Dog of a week... and it's only monday?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed already
  1. I don't know why I have to argue about DI, but I find I do. This neatly gets away from fat controllers, fat models and finally the the stuff that matters.
  2. I pulled together a quick ABN input on the weekend. I figured I've built the thing enough times to do it right, and other Australian web devs might have the same underlying issue.
  3. Many, many pull requests this week, contributing to Fat Free CRM, Chef recipes and even my much unloved fork of tipsy.
  4. All of Adelaide, most of Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane and Sydney have had a lot of attention from - Adelaide has the cleanest map data of the lot, but Melbourne isn't far behind.
    My main focus: unclosed ways, redaction errors, sport tags without a physical associated tag - mostly things that won't show up in the rendering.
  5. Took the opportunity to work from home today, so spent my lunch break constructing gravel path.

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