Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bugs and annoyances with the Adelaide Metro Card Site

1. You cannot mark a card as lost or consolidate balances. I am now on my third card.

2. Add one item to the cart, it redirects you to the list view. Add a duplicate due to a spotty connection - say... found on a bus in motion - it silently redirects you to the referring page but still adds the item.

3. The site will charge you for multiple things which are identical.

4. Deleting an item from the cart results in a 'temporarily unavailable' action, and does not remove content from your card.

5. It is so painful to complete the act of purchasing, that I am twenty minutes in to the process. A bus driver laughed when I suggested I could recharge my expired card and reswipe it.

It seems like a fairly obvious set of things to cover during testing. I cant understand how a simple cart + cc gateway can take so long (Nov 2012 to now) and be so buggy.

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Unknown said...

I JUST want to change my nominated credit card for auto-recharge. I look for links that say 'update credit card details'. I find nothing. 'Update my details' will only let me change my name etc. so that's no good.

Uh, here we are, 'Click here to manage auto recharge on this credit card'. Good, glad they said 'Click here'. I needed that instruction because I was going to lick the screen instead. Let's see what this does... Nope no links to update credit card.

Maybe I have to remove the old one first, looks like I can do that so I click 'Remove Auto Recharge'. Hmm interesting that just takes me back to the index page. Let's try that again. Oh, I have to tick the 'Deactivate Auto Recharge' checkbox as well as clicking 'Remove Auto Recharge' That's intuitive!

OK, now we're getting somewhere. I especially enjoyed the whole page reload to display the modal confirmation dialog. Wait, what? Now I'm at a shopping cart. But I didn't buy anything? What's happening? Oh right I'm purchasing the removal of my autorecharge for $0. Okay. What's next. I just want to get this done and go back to playing outside. I know, I'll click the 'Validate' button. It's where I expect to find the button to move things along, although as a typical user the word validate is only confusing me!

GASP! 'Payment confirmed!' What? Oh that's right, I was buying the removal of the card. Never mind. OK now I can go and add my new card details. Right? OK how to do that.. Where am I now. I know, I'll check the breadcrumb links. Hmm.. not much help there, they say nothing but 'You are here' ON EVERY FRIGGIN PAGE!

Okay, I'll click their back button. It looks harmless enough. Right I'm back at the start... Better click 'Manage this Card'. AAGH! 'Auto recharge is enabled on this card'. WHAT? Didn't I just remove it. Oh that's right I remember reading something about a 24 hour delay in processing. But really? I mean.. what?

So I guess I'll wait 24 hours now and see if I can add my new credit card details. Wow, there was totally, like, no friction at all in that user experience.

Well done guys. Take the rest of the week off!