Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bugs and annoyances with the Adelaide Metro Card Site

1. You cannot mark a card as lost or consolidate balances. I am now on my third card.

2. Add one item to the cart, it redirects you to the list view. Add a duplicate due to a spotty connection - say... found on a bus in motion - it silently redirects you to the referring page but still adds the item.

3. The site will charge you for multiple things which are identical.

4. Deleting an item from the cart results in a 'temporarily unavailable' action, and does not remove content from your card.

5. It is so painful to complete the act of purchasing, that I am twenty minutes in to the process. A bus driver laughed when I suggested I could recharge my expired card and reswipe it.

It seems like a fairly obvious set of things to cover during testing. I cant understand how a simple cart + cc gateway can take so long (Nov 2012 to now) and be so buggy.

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