Monday, July 09, 2012

Why, Monday, Why?

I woke up this morning having had terrible dreams. I dreamt that as part of fighting off a zombie apocalypse that I had to cut the jugular vein of a ferret and watch the poor thing fade away from life. Upsetting to say the least.

Next I realized that once again it was freezing cold. So I traipsed all the way to the shower only to find the drain malfunctioning. After the shower things did not improve at all as was demonstrated by how hard I hit my head on the edge of the shower.

Bleeding followed for a while as did being dazed only to lead me stumbling into the rest of the house.upon arriving I noticed the ferret was here and with a hint of a miserable tear in the corner in my eye I wished said ferret good morning.
In reply he bit me.

I can only dream of what joys await me on starting the work day.

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