Friday, April 13, 2012

I've built myself a drawer.

Obviously now having completed the first and only drawer I am ever likely to build; I can now with full confidence offer my services in home renovation and other construction related tasks.

It was an impressive amount of heel dragging, putting off and absent-mindedly delaying; but I'm pleased to report it is finally complete.

Some would suggest that 'complete' includes the utilisation of a drawer in its intended function; but considering the amount of effort I have put in; the course of  "just leaving it over there... glueing more" seems appropriate.

So - what does this mean for you?

With the skill and precision that you can only find with the most hand crafted of furniture, I'm able to cut corners; ignore safety; and spare all expenses to create what can only be described as quality* work. 

Friends, family, co-workers - if you need a piece done, don't look past my mere months of experience in working with wood.

* Use of the words "high", "good" or even "slightly below normal" would be a vast overselling of my ability

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