Sunday, April 08, 2012

Idle tinkering - products, barcodes, freebase & wikidi

A little bit more work was done on this weekend. simply grabs all Consumer products and renders them out as RDFa - as good relations info.

I did a bit of work to make the site more human friendly and to encourage random users who come across it to start editing.

All of that done, I still can't for the life of me get the Google Rich Snippets tool to actually render anything happily. Couple that with a variety of RDFa validators and other tools being out of action/upset with the markup in a most confusing way; and you start to think this linked data stuff is tricky...

While testing  and pounding my head against a brick wall I did come across wikidi.

I explored a bit, but couldn't decide - the content they are providing is largely freebase sourced; but there has been other data integrated (ie: prices). It's under a creative commons licence, but there's no 'bulk download' or other functionality - so getting data back out usefully is difficult.
There's no RDF/RDFa or other structured markup either - so this site is a bit of a black hole. I'm not sure I like knowing my contributions to open data are going into a location like that.

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Michal said...

Hello, you can download any Wikidi page as XML, see for example (it's linked from the Share page:
Have a nice day...