Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Medical Director 3 Feature Request: Google Health Sync

I want to walk into my Doctor's office, give him my Google Account, and let him pull down my google health profile.

Medical Director 3 meet Google Health Data API.

Once he's updated my record, he should be able to push a button and write new changes.

How long would it take a programmer like myself to build this if I were being lazy?
  • RESTful webservice client library
  • Controller to retrieve and map google client information to models (Patient, Doctor, Drug, Treatment, etc) - 2 weeks
  • User interface to copy new information from google account - 2 weeks
  • User interface to upload new information to google account - 1 week
  • Unit tests galore
  • Controller to create new information in a google account, duplicates be damned - 1 week

Can I have it now please? I don't think I need $466.7 million to build it and roll it out; but I think it would achieve a hell of a lot of the same goals very quickly.

Don't like Google health because of privacy concerns? Add in another 3 months to connect up to Microsoft Health. Don't like either of those? Rely just on current systems.

Thanks God!

Well, that was quick.

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