Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I sense an epic win for gamers4croydon

Gamers4croydon have been handled the goose which lays golden eggs. Michael Atkinson is determined to get himself booted out, attacking the media and the South Australian public.

SOUTH Australia has become one of the few states in the world to censor the internet.

The new law, which came into force on January 6, requires internet bloggers, and anyone making a comment on next month's state election, to publish their real name and postcode when commenting on the poll.


Attorney-General Michael Atkinson denied that the new law was an attack on free speech.

"The AdelaideNow website is not just a sewer of criminal defamation, it is a sewer of identity theft and fraud," Mr Atkinson said.

"There is no impinging on freedom of speech, people are free to say what they wish as themselves, not as somebody else."

Mr Atkinson also said he expected The Advertiser to target him for sponsoring the law. "I am also certain that Advertiser Newspapers and News Limited will punish me personally, viciously for being the attorney-general responsible for this law," he said.

"You will publish false stories about me, invent things about me to punish me."

I don't know about you, but with the existing platform against internet filtering, I believe gamers4croydon have been handed the perfect opportunity: Expose Michael Aitkenson for what he is, delusional, paranoid and slanderous.

I call him delusional and paranoid, because he seems so absolutely convinced that everyone is out to get him, only him, and he is persecuted for reasons he doesn't understand.
I call him slanderous, because he frequently makes claims like this in the media, with no evidence to support his position.

Take a look at some of these articles.
White knight rescues ambushed pollie

POLITICIANS normally fight their own battles, but when Attorney-General Michael Atkinson was ambushed by protesters in Unley yesterday, a white knight came to his aid.

Geoff Phillips, a 59-year-old lifelong ALP supporter, had clearly had enough when protesters tried to disrupt Mr Atkinson's meet-and-greet engagement with local ALP candidate Vanessa Vartto.

As a "Burnside Save Open Spaces" opponent began heckling, Mr Phillips intervened, jabbing his finger while Mr Atkinson sat back on a bench looking rather bemused.
Mr Atkinson accused sitting MP David Pisoni of orchestrating the stunt, which Mr Pisoni has denied.

Atkinson "won't surrender" anti-R18+ fight

Atkinson says only the start of a civilised debate between himself and the gaming community will make him consider changing his stance on R18+.

... whilst attacking the gaming community who want as R18+ classification as violent, sexual deviants (ala "Rapelay" comments).


Dave said...

Nice to see you're still vigilantly tilting @ windmills dan ;)
We agree, he is a bit of a nazi..

Pity you are following Atkinson's idea and insisting on identity verification for blog comments lol


Dan said...

Ah, sorry about that.

I was irritated by anonymous comments which were personal attacks regarding one of my (admittedly less mature) rants.

Creepy; isn't it - I just climbed on the hypocrisy horse for similar reasons and with similar effect.

At least I don't have a background of slamming people with lawsuits.

Dave said...

Hahaa nah thats fine, its ages since I last posted so I just assumed that it was a google policy anyway.

Then I saw the opportunity to take a swipe at you and thought why not XD